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We are cannabis networkers & career guides for experienced professionals looking to connect the dots to their dream job. We put our cannabis expertise at your service. Whether you are hiring or searching, we are here to help you to build your vision and grow your team. 
We recruit for this roles among others:

Executive/ Finance

Pest Management/ Trimmer

Master Grower/ Cultivator

Medical Pharma Specialist

Extrator/ Manufactor

Sales/ Operations

our value proposition

When you’re looking for senior level positions, a perfect fit should be non-negotiable. From skill set to culture fit, we’ll present you with the top talent for your team. Our consultants can tailor the vetting and screening to meet your unique needs. Besides, we have the largest and most qualified network of cannabis professionals in South Europe. Our methodology is simple and our hiring resources and processes are inclusive and diverse.
We bring a fresh new approach for our industry as the first boutique consultancy service for recruitment in cannabis. We work smart, honestly and respectfully to our clients and candidates. 

We are Associate members of most important hubs on industry in Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries of the EMEA zone, which makes us a referent for the market. 

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